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Maintenance is defined as that function of production management concerned with the day to day problem of keeping the physical plant in good operating condition. Moreover plant maintenance is concerned with actions taken by the plant user to maintain an existing system and facilities or to restore it to an operating condition.

Categories of Plant Maintenance

  • Breakdown Maintenance : Breakdown maintenance performed on equipment that has broken down and is unusable.
  • Preventive Maintenance : Preventive maintenance is performed on the equipment’s still working to lessen the chances of unexpectedly failing.

In order to run a manufacturing plant efficiently, it is very essential to keep the assets and equipment in good working order. If equipment is down or operating inefficiently this could slow down or halt production completely which may eventually impact a company’s profitability.

neo Plant Maintenance system keeps the manufacturing equipment in best condition, meeting production and service demands while controlling maintenance costs. Our maintenance management system avails information related to assets, preventative maintenance, equipment failure, and other critical data so that managers can make informed decision making.

Plant Maintenance Features

Real time system for
plant maintenance and operation

Preventive Maintenance

Break-down Maintenance

Engineering Skill set management

Resources management and real time allocation

Internal/ External Resources

Machine/ Equipment Information system

Schedules and task deployment system

Alerts Dashboard & Mobile App

Plant condition visualisation

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