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Effective and efficient distribution is very crucial for business to meet its marketing objective. Distribution refers to making the product available to the consumers while marketing mix includes other three components besides distribution which are product, price and promotion.

Marketers today face critical challenges when it comes to managing, optimizing and integrating the delivery of products across many marketing channels. In addition it is very tedious for the managers to measure the effectiveness their marketing activities which involves a lot of cost.

Our D&M module allows managers to easily manage their multi-layer sales channel enabling them to monitor the physical distribution of their products and track the stock and sales. In addition it allows management of the Company’s sales representatives/agents. Hence it is a core solution for the business for managing its marketing efficiency.

Distribution and Marketing Features

“Real Time” system

Ideal for monitoring physical distribution

Multi-layer sales channel management

Employee/ Sales Rep/ Agent management

Marketing Efficiency management

Based on FMCG detail level analysis

Creation and analysis of un-structured big data.

Advanced data visualisation

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